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 About NegevTrails 


Welcome to Negevtrails 

We love this region and the amazing trails all around it, and we are sure you will too.

The hikes and all of the information on this website are RECOMMENDATIONS and should be seen only as such.

Only you are responsible for choosing to follow them. Only you are responsible for picking the right trail and completing it safely.

We do not mark the trails, and are not responsible for their quality. 

We cannot control changing weather and the damage and changes it might cause along the hikes- removing markers or making paths impassible. You must seek the most current updates about trail and weather conditions, to the time of your hike.


It is your responsibility to inform somebody about your hiking plan and your expected schedule.


You acknowledge that hiking safely in the Negev involves a combination of a written description, a map and following the markers on the ground.

The estimated time for each of these hikes, is exactly that- AN ESTIMATE. You must prepare for the hike taking longer than expected, even by several hours. This includes taking extra water, a flashlight, a cellphone with enough battery life and warm clothing. Also make sure you have a backup transportation solution in case you finish the hike after the last buses have passed.


By choosing to follow our recommendations you are committing to help protect these trails and nature reserves so that others might enjoy them. Stay on the marked trails, take all of your trash with you, do not burn local vegetation or drywood, and do not approach any wildlife.

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