Ada Canyon

Ada Canyon

Canyon Ada

Getting There: 

From Mitzpe Ramon head south on HW 40. Drive for 49 km, passing Makhtesh Ramon, and Shdema base. Arrive at Wadi Paran. Look for a small fenced complex with two very large eucalyptus trees on your left side. Opposite of them make a right turn to a dirt road. Pick the left of two dirt roads- marked in red markers. (The one on the right is marked in black). Drive for 4.4 km with the cliffs of the southern bank of the wadi on your left side. Arrive at a sign pointing left to Canyon Ada. turn and arrive at the parking lot. For the finish point, drive back along the dirt road for 3km to the place when the blue markers of the hike connect with the red markers of the dirt road.

Hike Description: 

Starting Point: Ada canyon, parking lot.
Finish Point: Wadi Paran Dirt road.

From the parking lot follow the blue markers into the Ada Canyon. You are hiking in a canyon of 30 million year old sandstone, that once covered almost all of Israel and the surrounding regions. The trail winds in the canyon, between boulders and through narrow passes. You will arrive at a metal ladder. as you climb the ladder notice the rock suddenly change to a very course conglomerate. This marks a very important geological transition a change in the entire regional drainage systems. Continue along the canyon, negotiating two more ledge-climbs with pegs and steps. The sandstone is very easy to grip and the narrow canyon allows for an easy climb.


Once at the top the trail becomes very level and continuous. The vistas of the Paran valley soon open up. you will be following a local ridgeline all the way to a view point. To the east you can see the Zuriaz Mountain. On it’s peak you can see small bumps and humps. These are Tumuli- ancient burial sites built of local stones piled over a coffin-type structure. The mountain was once cult center, and is home to one of the last truly wild herds of Ibex in the Negev.


From the view point the trail turns North and follows the ridge line down back to the main wadi of Paran. The trail ends at an Acacia tree on the dirt road that leading to the beginning of the hike. If you left your car at the parking lot you can walk along the dirt road for another 3km. If you were dropped off- follow the dirt road east to the HW 40. If your party has two cars or more- this would be the place to arrange a car drop-off.

Attractions: Narrow sandstone canyon, Orange Sandstone formations, Geological Transitions, Vistas, Ladders and foot ledges

A great adventure along the way from Eilat to Mitzpe Ramon. Orange sandstone and great vistas.

Closest Town

Mitzpe Ramon


Medium- Easy


4.5 km


3 hours

Recommended season

Sep - Apr

Recommended time