Ammonite wall to peak 660

Ammonite wall to peak 660

Nun Gova She-sh Me-ot Shi-shim

Getting There: 

By Car- From Mitzpe Ramon head South on hw 40 following signs to Eilat.  About 11 KM after you get to the bottom of the windy road, look for a brown sign on your right saying: "Ammonite Wall". There is a large shoulder on the side of the road meant for parking the car. 

Hike Description:

Starting Point: Highway 40 - Ammonite Wall sign
Finish Point: Highway 40 - Ammo
nite Wall sign

Head west on the red trail for a little over 500 meters.

Pass the green trail branching to the right, as you are looking for the "Ammonite wall" sign. Once you see the sign, stop to admire the Ammonite fossils. It might take you a few minutes to see them as a lot of them were sadly taken out of the wall. These are pretty big fossils of sea creatures which got extinct around the same time as the dinosaurs.  

Go back to where you last saw the green trail branching to the north. Turn onto it, and follow it all the way to the top. This is pick 660 - named after it's elevation. 

Enjoy the majestic 360 degree view. Then continue on the green trail and head down towards the road and back to your car.

Attractions: Fossils, breathtaking climb and Majestic view.

A short trail with a challenging climb & breathtaking views

Closest Town

Mitzpe Ramon




3 km


1.5 hours

Recommended season

All Year

Recommended time