Barak Canyon Loop

Barak Canyon Loop

Nahal Barak Maagali

Getting There: 

By Car- From the entrance to Paran drive north on hw 90 for 7km to the Sign “Nahal Barak”. turn left onto a dirt road.

Follow the dirt road (Blue markers) southwest for 9km, passing a green jeep road, a red dirt road (right and then left), and arriving at a parking area.

*Officially the road from this point is only accessible for 4X4 vehicles, but most cars will be able to advance at least one more kilometer. Our advice- drive for as far as you feel comfortable as you’ll have to walk in a flat canyon the rest of the way (and come back again).

Hike Description: 

Starting Point: Barak Canyon parking lot.
Finish Point: Barak Canyon parking lot.

This is a short day-loop. You can read about the Barak Canyon as part of the Israel trail here.

Walk along the jeep trail to the south west. The canyon will narrow as you enter it, and more and more acacia trees will appear on either side of the gravelly road. Keep your eyes open for Hyrax on the rocks and Ibex and Gazels around the trees. After about 1.5 km the road will gradually curve to the right (Northwest). Arrive at a trail to your left (Green) 2.5km from the parking area. Climb the trail out of the canyon on the west side of the canyon. The slanted plain you are climbing on is the result of a fault line, which can also be clearly visible as a tilted crack on the opposite side of the canyon. Arrive at the top of the steep climb and follow the narrow trail above the west bank of the narrow canyon.

You’ll arrive at a connection with the blue markers again. Follow the blue markers to the right along the narrow trail and back into the canyon. Once at the bottom follow the narrow canyon down through a small hand-hold ledge, two hanging ladders and a rope assisted slope.

After the rain the pools and waterholes below the ladders are full with water and require actual swimming. Come prepared for extremely cold water, and having to get completely wet.  

Shortly after the canyon will widen and you’ll arrive back at the meeting point with the green trail. Head Back to your car in the canyon along the blue markers.

Attractions:  Narrow canyon, Ladders and pools, acacia trees, Gazels, Ibex and  Hyrax.

A rocky adventure in the Arava

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4 hours

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Nov - May

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