Meizad Tamar to Be'er Efe 

Meizad Tamar to Be'er Efe 

Biqat Tzvaim

Getting There: 

Meizad Tamar CG is accessible by private car, but no bus line arrives here. You may get a cab from the city of Dimona (less than 100 shekels). 

If you are driving a car- from Dimona head east along rd 25 for 23.5km, till you reach Meizad Tamar on your left. 

*Through-hikers of the Israel trail will arrive on foot.

Hike Description: From South to North (Click here for other direction)

Starting Point: Meizad Tamar CG.
Finish Point: Be'er Efe CG.

Head north on the Blue trail for approximately 2 KM. Pass under the Potash conveyor belt. (The Potash conveyor belt if 18 KM long and carries Potash (A compound of Potassium) from the Dead sea factories to the Zafit Industrial complex you will see later on in the day. 

When you reach the junction of the blue trail with the black - take the black trail going north and continue on the dirt road marked black for about 3 KM. This stretch is called "Biqat Tzvaim" - "The Deer Valley".

Turn right (east) with the black trail and then after about 300 meters turn left onto the red trail. Hike north on the red trail which will climb up a bit. At the top you will be able to see the Zafit industrial complex to your left

Descent from the top of the hill on the red trail continuing north till you reach a dirt road marked green. 

Turn left onto the green trail and hike it for about 2.5 KM, in a north west direction. When the green trail takes a turn to the right (north), stay on the Israeli National trail marker and continue west. Turn right with the trail and go down the small wadi. When you reach to the bottom of the Wadi, take a left turn onto the dirt road marked in green. Follow the trail till you arrive at Be'er Efe campground right next to route 258.

Attractions: Wide open horizons and vast desert views.

The Israel National trail Day 2 in the Negev

Closest Town





18 km


6-7 hours

Recommended season

Oct - Apr

Recommended time

Early morning