Hiking at night

Hiking at night

Can I hike at night?

Most of the trails in the Negev are only accessible during the day. In nature reserves, the national park service makes sure not to interfere with animal activity at night, and in other areas most of the hiking trails involve too much climbing or narrow parts that make them unsafe in the dark.

However, there are a handful of spots where hiking at night is possible, and highly recommended.

Stepping out at night is not as scary as you might think, and can be very rewarding. This is true especially during hot summer days, when day hikes are limited to the early hours of the morning. 


Though you can do it on your own in one or two of the trails, we recommend taking a guide. Local guides know the area are prepared for the risks that do exist, but beyond safety and guided hike will upgrade your experience from a simple "walk in the dark" to a full adventure- star gazing, night life, survival skill and desert legends, all wrapped together.

If you prefer to go on a guided night hike you can contact our colleague at 4XDesert.