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Hiking on your own

Hiking on your own

Though it is possible and legal to hike alone, hiking with a partner or two is always better. There is someone there to take your picture, there is someone there to share jokes with, and most importantly- if anything, anything at all, goes wrong- even if it’s just a sprained ankle- Having a partner is the best and quickest way to get help. If you are traveling alone and don’t have a hiking buddy, it’s always a good idea to ask around at the hostel you are staying at or at the desk of your hotel.


You can join a hiking tour  with NegevTrek as they have a few treks organized a year during the best seasons. Either guided or self guided. You do not have to hike as a group but at least you do know there are other expiriance hikers in the area, that someone takes care of moving all your gear from one camping site to the next, and that someone provides you with basically everything you need for hiking in this challenging yet spectacular surrounding. 

If all of these fail and you are left to hike on your own- Make sure to take a cellphone with you and inquire about reception along the trail you picked. Leave a detailed written plan with a receptionist or a hostel / hotel employee and make sure to carry a lot of water and a map.

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