Mt. Romem

Mt. Romem

Har Romem Rosh Elot
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Getting There: 

By Car- From Mitzpe Ramon Head North on hw 40. Turn left (West), at Haruhot junction onto rd. 171 . Drive west for 29 km and turn right (North) at The sign for Lotz Cisterns. Drive north on the dirt road a little more than 1km and park at the parking lot.

Hike Description:

Starting Point: Lutz cisterns CG
Finish Point: Lutz cisterns CG

From the Campground/parking lot head back south along the dirt road (Blue markers) for 1km. Turn Right (NW) to the dirt road that climbs mt. Romem (Black markers). Climb along the dirt road for a little under 1.5km. When you arrive at the peak of mt. Romem, look east and try to make out the K-line stretching for 4 km all the way to mt. Ramon in a straight line. Also notice the  Tumuli- Ancient burial sites from the intermediate bronze age. Continue with the black markers and descend into the wadi north of the peak. After about 1km walking along the wadi, you will come to a curve to the right. Look for the built storage-caves under the rock shelf on your right side. As you continue along the wadi you will pass two pistachio atlantics trees. After about 3km in the wadi find the red markers splitting to the right. Follow them out of the wadi and up to the saddle of Rosh Elot. From the saddle you can follow the green trail up to the peak of Rosh Elot. Return back to the saddle and follow the green markers down the other side, SE, for 1km to the lone pistachio tree. Look for the Red Markers and follow them East (Left from the direction you came). As you hike along this trail (3 km), you will pass ancient cisterns and terraces, and a threshing yard. A green trail splits off to the left (South). This is a shortcut to the road- if you wish to catch a ride. If you want to arrive back at the parking lot- continue on the red trail for another 0.5 km.

Attractions: Spring Flowers, Pistacia trees, Bedouin archeology, K-line, Ancient agriculture, Amazing view

A short day of discoveries in the high- Negev region. The perfect mix of mysterious archaeology and beautiful flowers.

Closest Town

Mitzpe Ramon




6 km


3-4 hours

Recommended season

March - Apr

Recommended time