Mount Shlomo

Mount Shlomo

Har Shlomo

Getting There: 

By bus- Take bus number 392 from the Eilat central bus station at 6:30 (or 7:00 am as it is a long trail) and get off at the first Army base on highway 12 - "Ma-ha-ne Otzvat Adom". The bus ride should cost around 4.20 and should take 15 minutes. The trail starts about 1.5 KM north of there, on the right side of the road .There will be a big brown sign. 

Hike Description: 

Starting Point: Mount Shlomo - Highway 12
Finish Point: Queen of Sheba / Tsor bus stop  

Once you get off the bus, walk  (carefully) north for about 1.5 km along highway 12 till you see 2 big brown signs on your left: Mt Shlomo & Wadi Mappalim.

Turn right (North-East) onto the blue trail and start hiking in the wadi alongside the pretty Acacia trees. If you are lucky you might be able to spot some wild Ibex eating from the trees. 

After about 1.5 KM, the blue trail will veer to the right and you turn left (North) onto the red trail. Climb up the light colored hill marked red all the way to the top (600 Meters). You will find yourself standing on a saddle in which one part of it is light brown and the other is a dark - almost black color. This is a geological fault line connecting Mt Yehoram to Mt Shlomo. When stepping from one to another, you are actually passing five hundred  million years - yes... In just one step. 

Turn south onto the black trail and climb carefully all the way up the mountain. You will need to use the metal bars that where put there as it is a very steep climb. 

Enjoy the view from the top of the mountain, and slowly start climbing down Wadi Mapalim along the blue trail. (You will pass a new green trail which you can ignore as it connects to the blue trail about half way down the mountain). 


The climb down is long and steep, and consists of many metal bars and footholds. Stay on the blue trail all the way down the mountain. Once you reached the end of the decent and step out of the canyon, turn right (South-East) onto the green trail and follow it along the dirt road for about 2.6 KM. This is wadi Netafim. 


Once you connect to the Black trail, Turn south (right) and follow that dirt road for about 3 KM till you reach the end of the trail.

Cross the highway and walk towards the bus stop located in-front of the apartment buildings.  You will need the bust stop on the south side of the road if you wish to catch the Number 5 bus towards the central bus station. The bus arrived every 30 minutes, which is also the time it will take you to walk to the central bus station. Eilat is also known to have many cabs driving around so you can also grab one for about 25 ILS. 

Attractions: Challenging climb, breathtaking views, geological transitions, Nubian Ibex sightings, Ladders and foot ledges.

Challenge yourself with one of the most difficult yet rewording trail in Israel. 

Closest Town





11 km


6-7 hours

Recommended season

Oct - Apr

Recommended time

Early morning