Mount Tzfahot

Mount Tzfahot

Har Tzfahot

Getting There: 

By Bus:

Take bus number 15 from the Central bus station or from Eilat's main drag (anyway along highway 90 which crosses the city). The Bus costs around 4 ILS and runs every 20 - 30 minutes.  Get off at the "Camel Ranch" ("Havat Hagmalim") bus stop. 

Hike Description:

Starting Point: The Camel Ranch bus stop on Highway 90.
Finish Point: Eilat Field School

Head north west (Left at the bus stop) along the dirt road marked red. The trail curves a bit to the left (east) and after close to 2 KM you will see the camel ranch on your right side. Continue past the camel ranch till you see the green trail veering to the left.  

Follow the green trail and stay on it ignoring the 2 black trails connecting from the north. The second black trail is actually the national Israeli trail. This is where it connects to Mount Tzfahot trail and for some people - marks the last kilometers of the 3 month trail crossing Israel from North to south. Exciting!

After 1.5 KM (from the time you turned to the green) - the trail will start climbing up mount Tzfahot. Tzfahot by the way, is the Hebrew name for "Schist" - a metamorphic rock in which this whole mountain is made of. 

Climb all the way up the mountain till you reach the top - where you will be rewarded with a majestic view of the Jordanian mountains and the red sea. On a clear day, you will be able to spot 4 different countries from this point: Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel of course.  

Stay on the green trail and follow it all the way down till you reach the Eilat Field school and highway 90. You can ether cross the road and go dip in the coral beach, or take  bus number 16 back to the center of the city. A cab is also a good option for getting back and it should cost around 30 ILS. 

Attractions: Beautiful rock formations, breathtaking climb, and Majestic view.

Great vistas, wide open expanses, sea view and beautiful rock formations.

Closest Town



Easy - Medium


5.5 km


2-3 hours

Recommended season

Oct - May

Recommended time

Early Morning