Probably one of the most amazing experiences you can enjoy out here is dipping in a cool desert waterhole after a long hike.

We are happy to recommend these opportunities for you, but swimming in these waterholes is completely AT YOUR OWN RISK:

1. There is no lifeguard on duty at any of these site, and medical assistance is far from you.


2. These are natural, and sometimes seasonal sources of water, and their cleanliness is NOT monitored by any authority. Under any circumstances you should not drink from the water.


3. The temperature of the water can be surprisingly cold, and may cause cramped muscles, preventing you from swimming. 

4. The bottoms of these small ponds have hidden rocks and cracks, and the sides can be slippery or sharp. Diving and jumping is extremely dangerous. Always make sure you have a clear path for getting out.

5. Water in the desert draws animals, birds and reptiles (yes they CAN swim). Beware of thick vegetation areas were snakes might be hiding, and never approach any wildlife around the water.

6. Most of the waterholes are filled by seasonal flash floods. Flash floods can trap you in the canyon and are potentially dangerous. It is your responsibility to check the forecast and stay updated about changing weather conditions.

DO NOT enter a low canyon during flash flood warnings.