The Red Canyon Loop

The Red Canyon Loop

Ha-kanyon Haadom Maagali
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Getting There: 

By Car:

Drive 15 KM north of Eilat along route 12 till you see a brown sign (Actually there are 2 signs one under the other - one for the Red Canyon and the other for the Old Patrols Route). Turn right and then follow the dirt road to the left - it is Marked "Red". You will arrive at the parking lot after 1.13KM. 

Hike Description:

Starting Point: The Red Canyon Parking Lot.
Finish Point: The Red Canyon Parking Lot

Head north east along the green trail. The trail will start descending very gradually through the dry riverbed till slowly you will start to see the red sandstone appearing. Continue with the green marked trail and just follow the natural direction on the riverbed as it goes lower and deeper turning into a nice red colored canyon.

Climb down while using the metal bars, ladders and footholds in the rocks. 

Continue along the canyon, the sandstone is very easy to grip and the narrow canyon allows for an easy climbing down.

Once the Canyon opens up, you will see a black trail varying to your right. 

You could follow this black trail and arrive back at the car within 1.5 KM making this whole loop a total of 3 KM. For the 5KM version - continue on the green trail for 2 more KM till you meet up with yet another black trail.


Turn right (North West) onto the black trail and follow it for 1.3 KM. 

The trail will climb up to the top of a dry waterfall using a few metal bars and footholds. Enjoy the view from the top and continue along the trail till you meet up with a red trail. 

Turn right onto the red trail and continue along it till you reach back to the parking lot where you started the hike.  

Attractions: Narrow sandstone canyon, Red Sandstone formations, Geological Transitions, Hirax sightings, Vistas, Ladders and foot ledges

A great adventure through a red sandstone canyon. 

Closest Town



Easy - Medium


5 km


2 hours

Recommended season

Oct - May

Recommended time

Early Morning