Wadi Shualim

Wadi Shualim

Nahal Shualim

Getting There: 

By car- Drive to the main entrance to Yeruham. At the traffic circle turn East-into town and drive along the main street (rd 225/ Tsvi Borenstein st.). At the 7th traffic circle (Rashi street) turn right and park in front of the stadium.

By Bus- Take a bus to Yeruham: From Beer sheva – number 58 , or from Mitzpe Ramon number 55. Get off at the stop closest to the soccer field.

Hike Description:

Starting Point: Yeruham soccer field.
Finish Point: Yeruham Park.

From the stadium head Southwest along the street the East side of the street, following the red markers. When the street ends leave town, continuing in the same direction. The trail will cross a plain scattered with rocks, occasionally crossing a small ravine. After about 500 meters you will reach a wadi and the trail will turn East and follow up along the bank. After another 500 meters, the trail will turn South along another wadi, look on the ground, on the right bank of the wadi, and find the drawing of the jeep. Pretty cool, isn’t it?


When the trail switches to the left bank of the wadi look for a “transparent” marker leading left. 50 meters to a clear rock exposure with ancient rock art. Walk back to the red markers. After one more kilometer the trail will take you up the hill and out of the wadi. Arrive at the “white hill”- an exposure of clay in the layers of marine sedimentary rock. Follow the trail over the watershed and go down into “wadi Shualim”.


Follow the markers as they turn right (West) and head down-canyon. As you walk you will notice that the bottom of the wadi is leveled and flat, and divided by stone terraces that collected soil from the runoff in the wadi.


After two kilometers you will come to a seasonal waterhole and the trail will leave the wadi and climb on the rocky bank on the left (South). Follow the trail until it rejoins the wadi. 3 more km along the wadi and you will come to an opening, as the narrow wadi Shualim enters the open valley of wadi Revivim. You will pass old military earth-fortifications which were used for training when this area was still an active training ground for the near bases. Follow the trail to the road. On the way you will pass a farm on your left and will start seeing the houses of Yeruham on your right. When you reach the road, walk along (North) until you reach the circle at the entrance to town. If you need to return to your car just follow the main street back to the soccer field.


Attractions: Ancient trail, scattered fossils, winter flowers, seasonal waterholes, ancient rock art

A full day hike in rolling hills and along a loess wadi. An opportunity for small discoveries.

Closest Town





12 km


4-5 hours

Recommended season

Nov - Apr

Recommended time